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When I started thinking about traveling solo, I was in my late thirties, had no idea where to start and my mind kept turning with all the “what if” questions. 

Is solo travel for everyone?

Do people in their thirties and forties travel solo? Would I have a good time or be lonely?

Is it safe?

Since friends and family didn’t want to do anything other than a weekend trip to a local beach, it was either travel solo or never go anywhere.

Not gonna lie, I was nervous and researched websites on the internet until my fingers went numb. I researched other peoples’ stories, travel agencies and actual trips.

Then, one day, I finally built up enough nerve (with some gin) and booked my first trip.

Surprise! The trip was amazing and now I travel solo most of the time, even in my forties. I’ve learned that travel without drama is much more relaxing.

I don’t see solo travelers that look like me

So back to the over-researching. I’m guessing if you’re here, that you found a lot of sites on solo travel and started wondering “Is solo travel for everyone?”

If your research was like mine, you saw a ton of stories with pictures by twenty somethings that look like models in exotic locations, wearing skimpy bikinis and talking about how they went out drinking with their new friends from the hostel.

I’ll bet they also mentioned that traveling is fun and people worrying about safety are blowing things out of proportion.

Hey, empowerment is great, but let’s throw in a little dose of reality. First of all, both men and women travel solo and for a variety of different reasons. There’s also no age limit on solo travel. I’ve encountered plenty of travelers over forty.

On one trip there was a woman in her seventies who was at the front of every hike. You also don’t have to stay at hostels. There are great expeditions and guided tours you can take which are easy to plan and ensure you get a great sampling of the area.

As for safety, even traveling with a group, there is always basic research you need to do before the trip and steps every traveler should take.

Going solo, male or female, does require more awareness and some extra planning. Don’t worry though, you can travel safe and you can have a lot of fun.

What Exploration Solo offers

This community was built to support solo travelers that want a mature, grown-up experience.

You work hard for your money and deserve a hotel with a restaurant (and a shower in your room). We’ll show you ways to travel that don’t take a ton of time to plan and give you options based on the type of travel you prefer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your thirties or seventies, size 00 or 26, if you’re looking for tips on traveling solo, you’ll find helpful information here. Our motto is “Solo travel for everyone”.

We’ve got basic safety tips with recommendations on favorite items and Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine where you feel comfortable.  Don’t forget our suggestions for how to get started and continue on your adventures at any price point.

A Little About Me

So, you’re probably thinking “that’s nice, but who are you?” I mean really, who the heck am I to tell you how to travel solo?

Just to set the record straight, I’m not one of those people that just flew to Patagonia and started hiking, or randomly flew to Paris for a weekend. I’m a planner, it’s in my blood.

That being said, I’ve been traveling solo for about ten years. I do a lot of small trips and have taken three big ones and counting.

I travel solo because I’ve found that it’s hard to get friends and family to agree to a trip, be able to get the same time off, and align on the cost of the trip.

When you don’t have kids and pets, you tend to have a little extra cash around and some extra flexibility with your schedule.

You can check out my first solo adventure sailing in Grenada for some inspiration.

The Fear……

This is where I’m going to differ from most travel solo bloggers. There is a certain amount of fear you have to overcome to travel solo.

Much of it is imposed upon us since childhood and reinforced every time we try to move forward. Picture this (based on a very real conversation):

You (totally excited): “Hey family, I just booked my first solo trip. I’m going on a guided tour of Italy!”

Family member (with no hesitation): “You’re traveling by yourself? Isn’t that dangerous? What if something happens? Who will make arrangements to bring your body back?”

You (somewhere between deflated and dumbfounded): “What?”

I was raised on the “it’s not safe to be alone” bandwagon. All my life, I was told you can’t do things by yourself and I don’t think it was because I’m a female.

I’m pretty sure my New York Italian family thought anyone traveling by themselves was going to get kidnapped, dismembered, and served to sharks.

It took me until my late thirties to wake up and realize I was buying into crazy. Trust me — it takes a lot to break years of conditioning.

Even once you forge ahead, you are continually bombarded with “you went alone? That’s not safe”.

I’ve been surprised at the people who “worry about me” and even more surprised by the crazy scenarios people come up with that might could possibly happen.

You just have to know yourself, trust in your research, and ignore the naysayers. Easier said than done — I get that. A certain amount of bravery is required, and sometimes alcohol.

Why I Started This Site

Because I get it.

It took a lot to realize that solo travel is for everyone and you don’t have to be a certain age or size.

I had to fight my way to build my travel confidence. Even now, friends and family still seemed surprised when I plan a vacation.

My dad can’t quite understand why I don’t need to know the name of the person I’m sharing a room with before I leave.

I still field what we’ll call “interesting”, questions from friends such as: “Did you actually get off the boat?”

You’re already on edge about doing this and you’re not getting the support you need. As a matter of fact, you’re getting negativity making it even harder to work up the courage to go against the grain.

But the rewards are indescribable.

There is a whole world out there to explore and it’s amazing. The sights, the culture, and the awesome people are all there for you to explore, learn, and just experience. 

Solo travel is for everyone, I promise. Let’s get you out there.

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