I’ve found there are four types of solo travelers.  Once you find your current traveling comfort level, you can check out the different options for solo travelers to find your match!

The Four Travel Styles

Hesitant (I need a push):  I’m really excited about the possibility of traveling solo, but my family and friends are telling me I’m too old and not the kind of person who should be going to foreign countries on my own.

Beginning Adventurer (Peeking out of the shell): I’m realizing this is what I want and gaining the confidence to book a trip, but I’m still nervous and need some structure.

Intermediate Adventurer (So far so good): I’ve traveled solo but on group trips or guided tours and I’m beginning to think I want more adventure.

Total Adventurer: I’m out there exploring the world in any way that suits me, but I’d like to help support others beginning their adventures and I’m open to new ideas and thoughts.

Final Thoughts

You may find that as you travel and build your confidence and experience, your style may change. Always respect your own comfort level and plan your trips based on what’s right for you.

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