BruTrek Outdoor Coffee Products – Review

I received BruTrek products to test and review. I am also an affiliate for Planetary Designs (the company that makes BruTrek products) and may receive money if you use the coupon code provided. All opinions are my own and I only write about products I believe will benefit my readers.

I was introduced to the BruTrek products by Planetary Design at a conference and was sold instantly. They poured me a cup of coffee from their BaseCamp travel press which made my morning. As a semi-professional coffee drinker, I feel qualified to rate it as stellar coffee, much better than the sludge in the catering urns.

BruTrek offers outdoor-friendly coffee gear for the backcountry. Their products are designed to be more sustainable than other coffee options while still delivering a solid cup of joe.

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Why You Should Consider BruTrek Products

BruTrek produccts on picnic table including Snowflake white BaseCamp french press, red rock OVRLNDR, Collapsible pour over with package of coffeesocks and wax bag, and red rock mug.

If you’re a coffee lover that enjoys camping, backpacking, and other activities where you wake up outside, then you know the struggle for a good cup of coffee. We’ve all been there.

Instant coffee is bitter and acidic, causing stomach issues and leaving a crud-like residue on your teeth. Then there are the packets seasoned with powdered milk and sugar where you wonder, “where’s the coffee?”

Let’s not get started on coffee bags that are expensive and hard to find, but also smell up your entire pack.

Of course, there are single-serving French press thingies that fit in a mug, but inevitably you wind up with a mouthful of coffee grounds, ick.

So, you pick the less evil option and make do. But you don’t have to do that!

BruTrek offers an option for good coffee while backpacking with their lightweight pour over coffee stand that’s easy to pack and comes with reusable CoffeeSock filters to reduce waste.

They also make travel French presses that are double-wall insulated and vacuum-sealed. Not to mention their patented BruStop™ technology that stops the brewing process and keeps the grounds away from your coffee so you have hot, perfectly brewed coffee all day. Perfect for car camping, basic cabins, and hotels.

Collapsible Pour Over with Reusable CoffeeSock

Metal collapsible pour over with coffeesock inside sitting on top of wax bag with box of coffeesocks next to it.

The Collapsible Pour Over is shipped with the metal pour over stand, wax storage bag, and 2 CoffeeSock reusable filters.

This sounds like a lot, but the pour over, bag, and 1 filter total 6.5 ounces. I weighed the items on my kitchen scale and came up with the same weight.

Collapsible Pour Over: 3.7 ounces
Wax bag: 2.5 ounces
1 CoffeeSock filter: 0.3 ounces

If you forgo the wax bag and use Ziploc bags, you’re down to 4 ounces, not bad for a solid cup of coffee. However, I do recommend using the wax bag because it’s thick and offers additional protection, plus it helps contain the coffee bean aroma.

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The Collapsible Pour Over provides freshly brewed coffee in the backcountry and I like that the CoffeeSock reusable filter is environmentally friendly. You can even pack the coffee grounds in it. If you need a second day of grounds, just pack those in a Ziploc bag.

The CoffeeSock is easily cleaned by thoroughly rinsing it with water. It also dries pretty darn fast.

BruTrek offers a small Camp Cup which you’ll see in their photos, however, I used my insulated mug with lid so my coffee would remain hot longer. The Collapsible Pour Over readily balanced on my cup, even on uneven surfaces.

It did take some trial and error to get the grounds right. On my first trip, I used the coffee I ground coarsely for my home percolator and was left with watery coffee. After viewing Planetary Design’s videos and reading their tips, I realized I needed finely ground coffee. An additional pass through the grinder was all it took for a delicious cup of morning coffee.

I love this product and it’s now a standard piece of gear on every backpacking trip. Under half a pound for good coffee in the backcountry is a deal to me.

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You can purchase the BruTrek Camp Cup if you would like a small, lightweight cup. It’s a nice cup. My only complaint is there isn’t a lid so your drink will cool off quickly.

There is also a Cargo Can storage container with a locking top that stores coffee grinds, loose tea, or even protein powder.  

OVRLNDR® Travel Press

OVRLNDR travel French press in Red Rock rust color on picnic table.

The OVRLNDR is a travel French Press with a lot of bells and whistles.

First off, it’s double-wall insulated and vacuum-sealed, so your coffee stays hot for hours. Secondly, the bottom screws off for easy cleaning. You can put your coffee grounds in it before you leave, then add water whenever you want to make your coffee. When you’re done, just unscrew the bottom and dump the grounds.

And then there’s the BruStop technology. The plunger has a unique design that not only prevents the coffee grounds from getting into your coffee but also moves into a flat position that stops the brewing process so you won’t come back to over-brewed coffee 2 hours later.

It’s designed to keep a couple of ounces of water at the bottom for easy cleaning. You just swirl it around, then dump it in a compost bin or trash without having to use extra water.

The lid screws down tight and has an easy pour lock that prevents leaking. The first time I tried to open it I struggled. Now that I’ve opened it a few times, it works great.

While Planetary Designs calls it an “easy pour” spout, I call it an “easy drink” spout. You can brew your coffee in the morning, then throw it in the car and enjoy hot coffee as you drive.

The OVRLNDR holds 24 ounces of liquid and is BPA free.

I see it as the perfect solution for road trips, car camping, possibly base camping, hotels with that weird, packaged coffee, and rentals with pod devices (I’m looking at you Keurig). Someone out for a few days fishing and not too worried about weight may also want to bring this along.

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BaseCamp Camping French Press

BaseCamp travel French press in Snowflake white on picnic table.

The BaseCamp is BruTrek’s largest travel French press. It’s available in both 32- and 48-ounce sizes.

Like the OVRLNDR, it’s double-wall insulated and vacuum-sealed. The plunger works with the same BruStop technology. The main difference is the size, and the BaseCamp doesn’t have a removable bottom.

This press is a beast, and I can see a lot of uses for it. I would take it with me car camping, especially if I’m with a group (say 2 people that really like coffee, or 4-6 that just like coffee). It would also work well for a group hiking 2-5 miles to a backcountry site for a weekend getaway.

Anyone hunting or fishing with a non-electric cabin for a base will also love this travel press. You can brew your coffee and enjoy a cup, then come back after a few hours and it’s still hot.

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Other Products

Planetary Designs makes several other products in the BruTrek line that I haven’t seen firsthand, but I’m sure they’re great.

Double Shot 3.0 Travel Press

The Double Shot has a container, similar to the Cargo Can, attached to the bottom. You can carry coffee grinds, tea, or other powders in it. When you’re ready, remove the container, then dump the contents in the mug, add water, and press.

The difference between the Double Shot and OVRLNDR is that the Double Shot container is a separate entity attached to the bottom of the press. The OVRLNDR press is 2 pieces that unscrew.

Steel Toe 3.0 Travel Coffee Press

This is BruTrek’s basic, entry-level product. Think of it as a small BaseCamp that can brew up to 20 ounces of coffee or tea.

The Steel Toe has the same insulation, is made of the same BPA free materials, and has the same BruStop technology as the other products in the line. It’s just smaller.

Tips for successful brewing

Woman sitting on log drinking coffee from a blue mug with tent in the background.

Planetary Designs offers videos and written instructions on its website for getting the best brew possible. I highly recommend reading through the information before heading out with your equipment.

Using a Travel French Press

For a travel French press, use coarse grounds. This is universal advice for any French press, not just the BruTrek products. It helps keep the grounds out of your coffee.  

Be patient and wait for the full 3 to 5 minutes after adding water for your coffee to brew. It’s tough staring at the press, waiting for your coffee, but you can do it! Remember, it’s going to stop brewing when you push the plunger all the way down and then back up.

Speaking of pulling the plunger back up, BruTrek recommends pushing the plunger down, then backing it up slightly when you feel pressure, then pressing down again.

If the device is pouring slowly, in a dribble, pull the plunger up a bit.

Using the Collapsible Pour Over

Metal collapsible pour over with coffeesock inside full of wet coffee grounds sitting on top of blue travel mug with water being poured over the coffee.

Test it out before you hit the backcountry. You’ll want to determine how much coffee you need to use and how finely ground it needs to be. If you get this wrong, you’re going to regret it, trust me.

While the Pour Over is stable balancing on top of a cup or mug, keep an eye on it. I found it worked well on the ground, but the warped picnic table at one site gave me fits.

The water should be boiling, not “almost boiling”. While some of this is preference, the water cools quickly as it’s brewing, especially on a cold day. The hotter the temp you start at, the hotter the coffee you end up with.

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My Honest Thoughts on Planetary Designs Brutrek Products

I really like these products and the Collapsible Pour Over is coming with me on every backpacking trip from now on.

They’re well-designed, well-made, and effective. It’s clear that the folks at Planetary Design love the outdoors and coffee.

Besides the outdoors, I can see myself bringing the travel presses with me on road trips to help lessen waste. No more single-use pods or packets in hotels and Airbnbs. As a matter of fact, I do a lot of overnight pet sitting and will be bringing the OVRLNDR with me from now on (it’s shocking how many people have pod devices).

There are more products than what I’ve highlighted here so take a look around their website.

I also failed to mention the colors. I’m in love with red rock (the color of the OVRLNDR in my photos), and the moss green is also beautiful. Of course, there’s something to be said for the clean lines of Snowflake white.

As a company that stands behind its products, I’ve also noticed the team is great at responding to comments and questions on its website. That says a lot to me.

These are solid products that ensure you’ll have a great cup of coffee while exploring the outdoors. As a dedicated coffee drinker, I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found BruTrek.

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