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Do You Need Special Gear For Cold Weather?

If you plan to head out in cold weather, you need to think through your gear carefully. Packing the wrong gear in the summer makes for an annoying trip, but in the winter – it could put you at risk.

While you don’t need to overhaul everything, you will need to think through what you have, understand how it works, and figure out if it needs a cold weather upgrade.

But trying to figure it all out can be frustrating with all the conflicting advice out there. And, trying to get real answers to questions that matter seems a lot more complicated than you thought.

What does the 30 degree rating on my sleeping bag mean?

Is it true you can’t compare sleeping bag and sleeping pads because they’re all rated differently?

Can you use a fuel canister below 20 degrees Fahrenheit?

Let’s Cut Through The Noise to the Real Information

I’ve got the 4-1-1 on how sleeping bags and sleeping pads are rated. Including the new standards!

You’ll learn exactly how a fuel canister works, the mix of chemicals to look for, and a few things to consider if you plan to use liquid fuel.

Plus – a few tips along the way to help you figure out what gear you need.

Gear is personal. We are all different. Where I need a 20 degree sleeping bag, you may need a 30 degree.

This is why no one can tell you exactly what gear you need.

But, once you understand how it works, what to look for, and what all the tags mean, you can figure out what YOU need.

Your experience + My knowledge and research = the best cold weather backpacking trip

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve been a backpacking guide since 2017 and specialize in beginners. This could be someone new to backpacking, or someone beginning to expand their experience (say – maybe heading out on their first cold weather trip).

I was also a scientist in another life. I have an MS in Biochemistry and I worked in labs. And, I had a job where I needed to find a lot of random information online. So I’m good at digging in and finding the real facts.

I’m not a big believer in repeating something just because 50 other people said it with confidence. I’m a “show me the data” person.

This means you have access to REAL information.

What You’ll Find Inside

Each Chapter Covers a Different Gear Category

Chapter 1: Shelter – What to look for in a tent

Chapter 2: Sleep System – Sleeping pads, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Bag Liners, Putting it Together

Chapter 3: Cooking and Food – Fuel and stoves, Food

Chapter 4: Water – Water bladder versus water bottle, Prevent freezing

Chapter 5: Clothing – What to wear hiking, what to wear at camp, what to wear sleeping, extra items to pack, and rain gear

Chapter 6: Additional Items – Little extras and backups you may need in cold weather

All of this for only $9.99!!!

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Who Can Benefit from Gear for Cold Weather Backpacking?

This ebook is useful for:

The gear listed is based on backpacking in the Southeastern US. We have hot, very hot, summers here and the winter list is good for temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and a couple of inches of snow.

Newer backpackers who are working on their systems, gear, and expanding their experience. It will help you learn how gear works as well as provide tips for keeping your gear functional in cold weather.

Who this would not benefit:

Seasoned backpackers that know their gear and have experience camping in cold weather.

Anyone heading into true winter conditions with heavy snowfall and temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This requires more specialized knowledge and equipment.

Everything You Need to Think Through and Organize Your Backpacking Gear for Cold Weather!

Finding The Right Tent

Putting Together a Sleep System

Thinking through Cooking, Food, and Water

Planning on The Right Clothing and All The Little Extras

All this for only $9.99!!!

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